The Ocean Wave Square Dancers registered association exists since 1984. On July,18th 1984 the founders' meeting took place, on 19 October of the same year the group was registered in the register of associations of the district court Wilhelmshaven.
As first Caller placed the American Bob Main his large commitment into the services of the Ocean Waves. The initial phase was shaped among other things by the "Angels" Renate and Paul Helms of the port Promenaders Bremerhaven.
In January 1985 the first Graduation could take place. Already one year after the founders' meeting the first Special Dance in Wilhelmshaven, the


was organized, which annually found its date from now on on the second weekend in June. In the same year the accommodation took place into the EAASDC during the Summerjamborees in Luxembourg (European Association OF American Square Dance club).
In October 1985 the first callertraining under the direction of Hans George Haaser (at this time Businessmanager of the ECTA [ European Callers and Teachers Association ]) was executed. The commitment of Hans's George Haaser contributed substantially to establish the " Square Dance scene " in Wilhelmshaven.
In the year 1986 under the name " Club- and Callermeeting " the regional activity were started. This activity, which admits later under the name "CCI Weser Ems" is, almost all Caller, Queuer and Instructor of the region followed. A result of these "activity" is beside different one e.g. the Adventsdance taking place annually in Wilhelmshaven.

The Ocean Waves organized various enterprises e.g. carnival Dance, family free times, Bosseln (north German people sport), Barbeque Dance, Square Dance Ralley by East Frisia, bicycle-ralley etc..
In uncounted demos the Square Dance was presented to the domestic population and tourists.
The group dances in the level Mainstream and Plus.